Convert Your Pool to a Spa!

Spa Pool

A Spa Pool consists of a fibreglass swimming pool with the added benefit of therapeutic massage jets to give the ultimate spa experience while still being able to swim and splash at your leisure. The benefits of hydrotherapy have been well known for centuries. With the well positioned and preferred setting of your spa's jets you will find it relieving common aches and pains and assuring you a quality rest.

The composition of our fibre glass pools allows for the minimum effort in maintaining your spa pool. The smooth surface is easy to clean and the quality filtration system makes day to day maintenance a breeze. A control button is also added to allow you the option of turning your spa functionality on or off at any stage.

The best thing about a Spa Pool is that it is small and can fit into almost every shape and size garden. It’s like an oversized spa with the added extra of swimming fun. You can not go wrong with a Spa Pool as it is not only a pool, it’s also healthy for you! Now that’s something to think about...

Fibreglass Spa Pools

Fibreglass Spa

  • It's a fibreglass swimming pool.
  • It’s a heated spa.
  • It’s a Clear Water Spa Pool!

It can really be this easy and enjoyable to come home and spend time with the family in your new temperature controlled spa pool! Now, if you truly feel like relaxing, simply press the in-spa control button and take pleasure in the spa jets for a more rejuvenating experience.

What is a Spa Pool?

Spa Pool

The spa pool is a cleverly designed combination of a Clear Water Pools Fiberglass shell and a massage spa. So, in simple terms you can have a Fiberglass splash pool with the added features and benefits of a therapeutic Spa.

If you want both the luxuries of having a swimming pool/splash pool and a spa with warm water but don`t have the necessary space for both, or if you don’t want to undergo the financial outlay for a combination of a pool and spa, then this option can be the right solution for you.

The reality today is that more developments are popping up with smaller garden space. This is increasingly evident amongst professionals and families who prefer "Lock-Up-N-Go" homes as well as easy-to-maintain systems and solutions that maximises valuable time and enjoyment for you and your family.

If you do have a home with limited garden space you will then probably opt for a splash pool. Splash pools are generally summarized as pools smaller than 3m x 5m (±19,000L) and are great because they are relatively small, easy to maintain, social and can be effectively heated.

Splash Pools are great for the kids to play in and for you to sit and simply relax after a hard days work.

So, where does the spa part come into this?

Spa Pool

If you like the idea of bringing your Splash pool to life for your personal benefit, then you are on the right track. The spa feature allows you the luxury of therapeutic jets placed around the splash pool for the best results in relaxation. By simply turning on the heater, you can steam away the worries of modern life. Now you can have all the features of a genuine spa installed on your splash pool.

Fiberglass Shell:

A finished Fiberglass swimming pool shell is modified by adding 4 spa jets to the plumbing of the Fiberglass shell. The therapeutic jets are placed in strategic locations, which in various cases can be customised by the client. A control button is also added to allow you the option of turning your spa functionality on or off at any stage.


In addition to the standard plumbing that is required on Fiberglass swimming pools, extra plumbing is required for the spa jets. Two pipe lines span from a manifold, one being a high pressure water line that is driven by a pump and a second low pressure line containing air. The air and water lines meet under pressure at the jet and is forced out as a mixture of both.

The amount of air that is delivered to the spa can be controlled by an air control valve which is installed in the Fiberglass shell, thus giving you control over your spa experience.

Pump and Filtration System:

In order to make your spa pool operate as intended, certain changes need to be done to the filtration system.

A second pump is added to drive the spa jets and the necessary changes are made on the distribution board to accommodate this.

An in-line heating system is installed to the pump and filtration system to heat the water and temperature can be set by means of a thermostat to each individual’s requirement.

This also requires some changes and installation within the distribution board.

The great thing with your spa is that you can turn it on and off by means of a control button located in the pool. An air switch is added to the distribution board to enable this function.

Advantages of a Spa Pool:

Spa Pool

Small and fits into almost every garden.
Therapeutic Spa Jets.
Easy to Maintain.
Low Chemical costs.
Advantages of a Fiberglass shell.

With Heating Element  (Optional)

Adding the Swim Spa conversion to your pool allows you to not only warm your pool water, but also gives you the benefit of relaxing massage bubbles.

The following shapes would be ideal for adding the benefits of a spa to your pool by means of using a heating element system:

  • Kentucky
  • Mexico
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Las Vegas
  • Idaho
  • Texas
  • Boston
  • Florida

Power Saving Options:

Our Swim Spa package can be selected without the heat element and combined with either solar panels or a heat exchanger pump. When selecting one of our Power saving options the Swim Spa conversion can be selected on any one of our sizes and shapes.

The Swim Spa conversion includes the following:

swim spa conversion

  • 4 Spa Jets. (With air and water lines)
  • Additional 1.1kw pump for spa jets.
  • In-Pool On/Off button for additional pump.
  • In-Pool Air Control Valve.
  • 4kw Pentair European approved element with 2 year onsite warranty.
  • Thermostat Control.
  • Includes DB Board Requirements.

Pool Bubble Blanket:

A bubble blanket is highly recommended with the spa pool conversion as it retains heat in the pool and therefore greatly improves the efficiency of the system and reduces the running costs of the system.

The Spa Pool will truly give you one of the best experiences that a Fiberglass swimming pool and spa can offer.

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Spa Pool JetsSpa Pool Jets